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Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Work Areas / Laboratories

Electronics Lab / Hydraulics

The tasks of the electronics laboratory primarily include the monitoring, modernization and repair of the testing machines and the associated electrical and servo-hydraulic systems, as well as the institute's control technology. The preservation of the scientific standards in terms of repeatability and continuity is ensured by the electronics laboratory through predictive maintenance of the HydroPuls system (Schenck/Instron) and the associated PLC control system.

In the extended scope of duties, the employees support the planning, assembly and realization of test facilities on the test field and supervise the scientific staff and students. Apart from the test field, the area of activity also includes the planning, assembly and programming of individual, microcontroller-based electronic circuits and experiments.


The Electonics Laboratory also supports the procurement and use (selection, data acquisition, calibration) of measuring equipment (hardware and software), as well as the supervision of the Institutes and the affiliated chairs/laboratories measuring setups.