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Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Test Facilities

A portfolio of modern machines and test devices is available to the researchers of the chairs for carrying out scientific experiments. Below you will find the technical data for a selection of the equipment of the Institute for Building Research (IfB).

A wide range of test cylinders is used for the test setups - both on the large loading frames and in test setups specially manufactured for the particular test:

A large load frame, which dominates the appearance of the test hall, as well as smaller frames are available for large test setups and component tests:

All servo-hydraulic testing machines and cylinders are supplied with hydraulic oil via a ring line. The pressure is generated centrally by several coupled high-pressure hydraulic pumps.

The latest hydraulic/control technology from Instron Structural Testing Systems is used for the tests:

  • Instron (IST) Labtronic 8800 control technology.
  • HydroPuls plant with three Instron (IST) 90kW hydraulic power packs

Various moblie hydraulics from Enerpac are also used.

The measurement technology (measuring amplifiers/sensors) is an integral part of the data acquisition and essential for the later evaluation of the data in research. The latest measurement technology from Hottinger Brüel & Kjaer (formerly HBM) is used to carry out the experiments:

  • HBM MGCPlus
  • HBM QuantumX MX840B/MX1615B
  • HBM Spider8
  • Displacement transducers (inductive, cable displacement, laser)
  • Load cells
  • Weigh cells
  • Pressure transducers
  • Strain gauges


Testing Machines

Schenck PSA 100kN Prüfmaschine © IFB
Schenck PSA 100kN HydroPuls Prüfmaschine
Prüfmaschine 630kN © IFB
Schenck 630kN HydroPuls Prüfmaschine
Schenck 2500kN Prüfmaschine © IFB
Schenck 2500kN HydroPuls Prüfmaschine
Schenck Trebel RSP 600kN Prüfmaschine © IFB
Schenck Trebel RSP 600kN Prüfmaschine

Test Cylinders

Schenck Trebel -160/+100kN Zylinder © IFB
Schenck Trebel -160/+100kN - Differentialzylinder RD 100
Schenck Trebel -960kN/+600kN © IFB
Schenck Trebel -960kN/+600kN - Differentialzylinder RD 600
Schenck 400kN © IFB
Schenck 400kN - Längszylinder PL 400K
Schenck 1600 kN © IFB
Schenck 1600 kN - Längszylinder PL 1,6N

Load Frames

Belastungsrahmen 500kN © IFB
Prüffeld Belastungsrahmen 500 kN
Belastungsrahmen_2000kN © IFB
Prüffeld Belastungsrahmen 2000 kN
Belastungsrahmen 4000kN © IFB
Prüffeld Belastungsrahmen 4000 kN
Belastungsrahmen 100kN © IFB
Prüffeld Belastungsrahmen 100 kN